How To Get Natural, Skinny and Beautiful

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Did you know you could get a clean and clear face with only 2 items you probably have in your kitchen?

Oatmeal and honey!

Get some old fashion oats, mix them in a blender til they are nice and fine. Next put a spoonful in a bowl and drizzle honey and mix well.

This basically makes a mask that you will put your face for about 20 minutes.

Clean off to reveal a ultra soft,clean,clear and supple face

Do this about 2 or 3 times a weeks and you will see AMAZING results!

So what are you waiting for, go to your kitchen and try it.


     The Ugly Truth About Facial Skin-Care!

Ok ladies, this is going to be short,sweet and to the point. This may hurt a little but here goes.

The creams, serums and lotions that you keep putting on your face day after day are turning destroying your face.

Think about it. How often have you thumbed through a magazine, watched a commercial or glanced at a banner on a website all promising “new, improved, revolutionary, breakthrough, blah, blah blah!” They all promise the next big thing for your face right?WRONG! These products contain so many chemicals, alcohols and other harmful additives that your face doesn’t stand a chance.

You go from one serum to another or add several together thinking more is better and all your left with is a old, wrinkled, dried up face!

What happened to “new and improved?”

The problem is your facial balance (ph levels) are out of whack and your either too dry or too oily and your face gets pulled and stretched like a catchers mitt. I don’t think that’s the look your going for.

Want proof? Take a look at let’s say your arms or legs. Same skin on your body right? Does your face look the same, better or worse. Next ask yourself what’s the difference in terms of care for a that part of skin? Most often then not your face looks worse because you’ve been using so many things on it!

So get back to nature. Drink plenty of water, get tons of beauty sleep, stay away from processed and preserved foods, no smoking or drinking and stop wasting your money on snake oils.

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How To Get Rid of Acne and Pimples for Beautiful Skin.

If your in search of a final solution on how to get rid of acne and pimples, then keep reading.

You see the “Scientific” reason you get acne is because of an imbalance in your skin. Basically your body produces too much oils and at the same time your pores clog up. Add dirt and bacteria to the equation and now you have pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

So basically your face and body is trying to gain balance.

When you clean your face with cleaners, they contain high amounts of alcohol or other chemicals. They may clean the face, but they also are too harsh and leave your skin dry. If your skin is dry, then your body will produce oils(sometimes too much) to moisturize the skin. See the problem? You keep drying out your skin and your body keeps producing oils to moisturize you. This is keeping your skin imbalanced. Which all leads too acne and pimples.

Next, hydration. Let’s say you’ve cleaned the skin and now you put on a lotion or moisturizer. Well if we take the scenario above and add additional oils(lotions, etc.), see the problem? Your over hydrating your face and body(too many oils). Over time this drying and over hydrating leads to more acne and pimples and leave you feeling hopeless.

Your face and body go through this day after day, week after week and year after year. Trying every new product, serum and cleanser on the market that promises a miracle. It never ends!

Think about this. Have you ever wondered why certain facial companies(you know who they are) always seem to offer you both a clenaser AND mositurizer? Why can’t they do both in one solution? You see most skin care companies are concerned more about profit, then actually giving you what you want. The thought is if I sell you a cleanser and mositurizer, I’ve sold you twice. Not to mention they keep adding “new” and “improved” or additional secondary products to their line-up to keep you guessing. Oh and if you stop using them, back comes the acne and pimples.

So what do you do? Get back to nature!

Imagine a natural soap that provides BOTH a deep cleanse and outstanding hydration. A natural soap that is made with all natural ingredients that will not ony provide the balance you need, but also leave your skin looking more beautiful, radiant and healthy. Getting the balance you need to prevenet acne and pimples is not rocket science. It’s found in a simple and natural beauty soap called ” Bellus Soaps”.

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Natural Beauty: Could This Be The Fountain of Youth

How many times have you said to yourself why can’t a natural beauty soap provide you with an unbelievable clean and clear face, prevent acne and pimple breakouts, keep you completely moisturized and still leave your face looking young, beautiful and pretty? Bellus Soap Company listened and answered!

For centuries women have always desired the knowledge of how to be beautiful, keep a young face, maintain their natural beauty and look great without makeup. Well for centuries they were successful in their efforts, all until science took over. You see as humans we have a natural tendency to progress.

However not all things need progression. Some things like natural beauty soaps are time tested and are proven to work. Getting a clean and clear face isn’t rocket science. To obtain natural beauty all one needs is a very clean face and moisturized face. Simple.

Sadly women have bought into every elixir, serum, paste, cream or magical “new” facial product that promised to be a miracle. Unfortunately after many years of use, they are left with a saggy, old, dried up face that makeup can’t hide anymore. Not to mention the breakouts, scarring and pimples. Is it any wonder why? All these so called “new and improved” face products are nothing but chemicals, alcohols and other scientific words we can’t pronounce or understand. Your face doesn’t stand a chance.

Bellus soaps have been created with you in mind. With a select blend of olive, coconut and grape seed oils and shea butter. Say good bye to the dryness, acne, breakouts, pimples and say hello to a beautiful, young, clean, fresh, clear and pretty face! Have the confidence to be seen without makeup. Let your friends wonder about your secret to looking good and beautiful.

But just don’t take our word for it. See for yourself and be amazed at how great you can look natural.

Is this really the fountain of youth?

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putting harmful chemicals on your face that leave you dry, wrinkled, saggy, unprotected and have you looking OLDER then you are and get back to the natural ingredients that for centuries women around the world have trusted and found are time-tested and proven to work!

 Created to provide a deep cleanse and protect your skin leaving it clean, soft, radiant, healthy and moisturized!

A Specially Formulated and 100% Natural Blend of:

 Shea butter:

Excellent for rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin, providing essential vitamins needed to make your skin smoother, healthier and softer, along with protection against wind, cold and sun , plus stimulates cellular activity to fight the effects of aging rough damaged skin.

Coconut oil:

To protect and prevent loose, sagging, wrinkled skin and heal and reduce blemishes all while removing dead skin cells leaving you with a healthy shine. Also provides an unbelievable clean you can’t get from regular soaps.

Grapeseed oil:   

Providing antioxidants to slow the process of aging, clearing up acne by preventing clogged pores and breakouts, tightening , moisturizing and nourishing the skin without that greasy feeling. 

Olive Oil: 

The #1 oil used in ALL fine soaps for centuries. Olive oil produces a moisturizing, hard but very mild soap and creates a luxurious , smooth long lasting lather. This is the oil that started it all!

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Get a Slimmer, Thinner face :

OK this is going to be short and sweet. When we eat food our bodies need to break down that food for absorption. This is done with the help of enzymes from our pancreas. So eat our food, pancreas starts enzyme process and food and nutrients are absorbed.

Well here’s a little trick. If you help provide your body ADDITIONAL enzymes, this will help increase the breakdown of your food, allow you to absorb MORE nutrients and help pass the waste WITHOUT having your body to leave anything behind for storage(FAT).

So how can this process give you a slimmer, thinner face?

WEll if your body is properly and easily taking the food your ingesting and processing it effeciently, it doesnt need to store it. Meaning store it as fat!

So to help add enzymes to every meal, eat some raw veggies or fruit. Make sure not to cook past 118 degrees because heat will kill the enzymes.

You will notice you will feel better, you will have less stomach problems and you will start to get a slimmer and thinner face.

Try it and see for yourself!